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Afghan Hound Breed Standard & Extension

Membership of the Afghan Hound Club of NSW is available to all "Afghan Hound" fanciers. Our membership rates are:

  • Single $25 per year
  • Dual/Family $30 per year
  • Junior $15 per year
  • Single Pensioner $15 per year
  • Dual/Family Pensioner $20 per year
Dual Membership applies to two members of the one family resident at the same address or two persons having a kennel prefix in their joint names.
Family Membership applies to parents plus children 16 years and under resident at the same address.
Junior Membership applies to persons 16 years and under
Pensioner applies to persons in receipt of a Centrelink pension

If you wish to complete your membership application or renewal on-line using OZentries on-line membership service, please click below and follow the instructions for completion. Payment for on-line membership can only be made by credit card.

On-line Membership Application >>>

If you are applying for new membership please supply your nominator and seconder as well as names of Afghans owned in the "special comments" section.

If you wish to print a copy of the club membership form please click below, print the form and then complete your details as indicated. You can then mail the completed form to the secretary at the address shown on the form.

Printable Membership Application >>>

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