Australian National Specialty Show Past Winners


Afghan Hound National Specialties
1st - 1985 (NSW) Ch Khanndhu Laser Litefoot
Owned: P.P.& Hewitt
Judge: Mrs Sandy Frei (USA)
2nd - 1986 (Vic) Ch Raushan Copa Cabana
Owned: Mrs M. Pope
Judge: Mrs I James (Canada) 
3rd - 1987 (Qld) Ch Pierhelo Cointreau
Owned: J. Duncan
Judge: Mr E Gilbert (USA)
4th - 1988 (NSW) Ch Pierhelo Rough Ntuff
Owned: A & P Batty
Judge: Mrs B Hufnagel (USA)
5th - 1989 (Vic) Ch Kjavu Eddie Rabbit
Owned: C & H Hamilton
Judge: Mrs L Canalizo (USA)
6th - 1990 (Qld) Ch Aboukir High Priority
Owned: Day / Sinclair
Judge: Mrs A Clott (USA)
7th - 1991 (NSW) Hanrovia Silver Shado
Owned: J. Duncan
Judge: Mrs L Jorgensen
8th - 1992 (Vic) Ch Khandhu Stand Out
Owned: S Borg
Judge: Mr D Frei & Mrs S Frei
9th - 1994 (Qld) Khandhu Femme Fatale
Owned: P.&P. Hewitt
Judge: Mrs M Booth-Thomson
10th - 1996 (NSW) Ch Karakush Irresistable U
Owned: G & H Elmer
Judge: Mr R Savage (UK)
11th - 1998 (Vic) Ch Tahkira Hell Raiser
Owned: Ferguson / Gibson
Judge: Mr R Souza (USA)
12th - 2000 (NSW) Am & Aust Ch Naziras Cold
Owned: Jacosta Knls
Judge: Mr R Posa
13th - 2002 (Qld) Ch Karakush Spice Of Life
Owned: Toomey / Elmer / Gibson
Judge: Mr J Hafford (USA)
14th - 2004 (Vic) Ch Tahkira What The Hell
Owned: B. Setty
Judge: Mr J Ganoza (Peru)
15th - 2006 (NSW) Ch Karakush Defying Gravity
Owned: L & H Gibson
Judge: Mr P Belmont (USA)
16th - 2008 (Qld) Am & Aust Gr Ch Khandhu Amore Amalfi
Owned: Hewitt/Bennett
Judge: Mrs D Gorgon-Danel (France)
17th 2010 (Vic) Karakush Kattitude
Owned: L & H Gibson
Judge: Mr. John Roger Morton (USA)
18th 2012 (NSW) Ch Kjavu Blacktie Affair
Owned: V & H Hamilton
Judge: Mr. Gyöorgy Tesics (Hungary)
19th 2014 (Qld) No Am Ch Se Ch.Tells Chills N’ Thrills (Swed)
Owned: C Tell
Judge: Mrs. Susan Rhodes (UK)
20th 2016 (Vic) Sup Ch.Alaqadar Rigoletto (AI)
Owned: W N Douglas & Dr A Tan
Judge: Mrs. Nancy Edgington (USA)
21st 2018 (NSW) Ch Kjavu It Tells
Owned: C & H Hamilton
Judge: Mrs Joanne Weatherly (USA)
  22nd 2021 (Qld)
Judge: Mr D. Petrevski (Croatia)

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